ShareShare.SG provides shared design resources for business owners, helping them to manage and optimise their design resources and budget.

How It Works


When things are shared, the cost will be shared too.

Have you ever shared a hotel room with your friend or split an alcohol bill with your drinking kakis? Yes, it works the same way at ShareShare.SG – You split the cost by sharing something you won’t fully utilise!

At ShareShare.SG, we help you find a sharer to share the cost of hiring a design talent for your business. We even manage the talent and cover all the expenses for you (e.g. CPF, bonus, etc.), providing a simple, hassle-free solution to let you stay focused on your business operation and sales growth.


Bridging talents, growing businesses.

Growing Businesses

We provide professional design solutions for business owners and manage the shared resources for them so they can focus on other operational activities such as sales and business growth.

Cost Saving

By offering shared resources, we help companies to reduce costs, which include talent fees, managing costs, and other operational expenses.

Uncover Talents

We help business owners discover talented artists around the world who cannot physically work in the local office. We provide job opportunities and bridge talents with business owners using our unique remote working methodology.

Why Choose us?

Focus on your business. Leave the rest to us.

  • Cost Saving
  • Professional Team
  • Highly Responsive
  • No Annual Leave
  • No Sick Leave
  • No CPF
  • FREE Stock Images
  • FREE Cloud Storage
  • FREE Project Manager* For limited time only.
How It Works